Growing Peaches

As we enjoy the delicious harvest of peaches. It’s good to contemplate all that goes into them throughout the year. This article from the New York Times is a good reflection on changes to farming and appreciation of fruits grown with love and care on small farms.

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Winter snow

The harvests are over and so are the holidays. Once again, like bears, we move inward. Moving more slowly and reflecting on both the seasons behind and the seasons ahead.

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Berry Season

We had a great crop of strawberries this year and just as they were waning the first raspberries came ripe! It's the most wonderful thing when one berry crop seamlessly transitions to the next. 

Photo credit: Gary Dyer

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Sitting by wood stove in Big Barn, both dogs are crashed in front of the fire and dreaming bodies suggest they are living some summer adventure. Jane and I are listening to country tracks singing of love and life in small towns, or working the hard day farming and looking forward to cutting loose with favorite beau after work.  Our personal reflections are ones of thankfulness.  We look about our great room of the barn and see the handiwork of so many that have grown our building.  Everything from the dreams and aspirations of family to the original partner Brad Paulson to our greater community. From Brad, we see the handiwork of building design, concrete bar tops, bathroom counter top layout, etc.  We see the trim work of Paul Wiersma and Billy Gaines, walls covered with quilts from Marjie Wiersma, metal art provided by Eddie Brandstoettner, and church pews from Whitworth  Pres.  So much more to point out and share - thanks to you all!

~Jane and Craig

Photo Credit: Gary Dyer

Photo Credit: Gary Dyer

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Winter Rest

There are few professions as connected to the cadence of seasons as farming. As we settle into the coziness of dark nights and warm fires, we plan for the future and map crop plans. But also by the sheer force of nature - we rest. 

Photo Credit: Gary Dyer

Photo Credit: Gary Dyer

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Fall Harvest

We are currently harvesting our hops for the season. This is a labor intensive process and Eli has the cuts on his arms to prove it! However, it's well worth it when we are able to brew beers entirely from the hop grown on our land. Check out Rick Bonino's blog post on the process (

We will be releasing a new beer on September 22nd - Midnight Harvest - a fresh hopped cascadian dark ale. On the 22nd we will also release our Blackberry Porter (made with blackberries from Knapp's farm) and Golden Pumpkin Ale (brewed with our pumpkins). 

The Bodacious Berries farm store will also be open with plenty of great fall apples, potatoes, carrots, garlic and of course the U-pick Pumpkin Patch!!   We have a few Alberta Peaches ready now!


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