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This German-style pilsner is craft beer made simple.  Here in the Spokane County, the Ponderosa Pine is king.  Many Ponderosas stand tall as property or fence line markers in this high desert transition zone.  This clean, traditional German Pilsner is made almost exclusively of pilsner malt, our German noble hop of choice – Hallertauer,  and lagered for a couple of weeks to ensure a fresh, easy-drinking brew that will stand tall and resilient for years to come.  

ABV: 4.4% IBU:35 ⅙ barrel-$65-¼ barrel: $85.00 ½ barrel: $155.00


Farm fresh local honey lingers on your tongue in this refreshing, well balanced lager.  Our honey lager is a clean, crisp brew which sparkles and effervesces so as to belie the fact that this too is a naturally unfiltered Big Barn brew.  Washington 2-row barley blends nicely with cascade hops to make this a unique and exceptional lager.  

ABV: 5.1% IBU: 26 ⅙ barrel-$70-¼ barrel: $90.00 ½ barrel: $165.00

Honey Sage

Farm fresh local honey lingers on your tongue in this refreshing, well balanced lager.  Our honey lager is a clean, crisp brew which sparkles and effervesces so as to belie the fact that this too is a naturally unfiltered Big Barn brew.  Washington 2-row barley blends nicely with cascade hops to make this a unique and exceptional lager.  

ABV: 5.3% IBU: 22 ⅙ barrel-$75-¼ barrel: $95.00 ½ barrel: $175.00


City folks have their lawnmower beers. This is Big Barn’s tractor beer.  This malt forward blonde ale refreshingly satisfies the thirsty pallet. Beer lovers who desire a break from hop and malt-heavy beers yet still crave something with character need look no further than this startlingly satisfying brew.

ABV: 5.8% IBU: 10 ⅙ barrel-$65, ¼ barrel: $85.00 ½ barrel: $155.00

Greenbluff Strawberry Blonde: SeASONAL RELEASE

This strawberry summer ale is the first in our lineup of farm seasonals. We at Big Barn deeply value our connection to the land, and this beer not only reflects that but also honors the hundred-twenty- year tradition of Greenbluff farmers growing delicious strawberries. Maybe not Strawberry Fields Forever as the Beatles claim, but with nearly 100 pounds of fresh berries per batch, we have just enough strawberry to make this blonde special.

ABV: 6.0% IBU: 10 ⅙ barrel-$75-¼ barrel: $95.00 ½ barrel: $175.00

APRICOT WIT:  Seasonal release

Our first farm seasonal of 2017, we’re celebrating Spring with a special early release of a farm favorite with our Apricot Wit.  This lightly hopped German wheat beer is greatly enhanced by mashed apricots added into the fermenter.  With a light body, characteristic wheat-beer depth, and fruity overtones  accentuated by subtle apricot notes, this farm brew is sure to deliver a refreshing and satisfying experience, especially on a sunny spring day!

ABV: 4.6% IBU: 11 1/6bbl-$75-¼ barrel: $95.00 ½ barrel: $175.00


Just southwest of Green Bluff lies the Peone Prairie – the northernmost part of the famous Palouse prairie and excellent farming land for growing brewing grains such as wheat and barley. Named for the Peone Prairie, this lightly hopped brew does justice to our neighboring farm community.  Rich wheat flavors come through in this lightly hopped German wheat beer, making this one of our favorites at Big Barn.

ABV: 4.6%, IBU:11 ⅙ barrel-$65, ¼ barrel-$85, ½ barrel-$155


This Big Barn seasonal ties together our standard german wheat ale with the best our farm has to offer–fresh, juicy, “bend-over” peaches.  Subtle fruit undertones from our tree-ripened peaches pair well with the signature fruity esters found in a german-style wheat beer.  

ABV: —%, IBU:— ⅙ barrel-$75, ¼ barrel-$95, ½ barrel-$175


Speak to the earth and it will teach thee. As we strive to find the perfect melding of fruit and beer it is the sweet delight of my wife’s canning in the kitchen that delivers our answer. Cane-ripened raspberries from our farm are blended to create the best preserves and syrups, and it is that syrup that goes the hint of raspberry color and flavor to this wheat ale.

ABV: —%, IBU:— ⅙ barrel-$75, ¼ barrel-$95, ½ barrel-$175


Belgian is a style based on site of origin.  This Belgian is a bluff top original. Our local farm Belgian captures the same country charm which made Belgians unique.  Big Barn incorporates our own handmade golden Belgian candy, both Munich and Belgian malts, and a nice combination of orange zest, coriander, and juniper to spice this wonderful brew.

ABV: 6.3%, IBU:16 ⅙ barrel-$75, ¼ barrel-$95, ½ barrel-$175


Not your typical Red, this red is not overly malty, rather finishes dry and with a subtle black coffee bite.  Named for the Red Rooster that showed up on farm, our Rusty Red is a welcome addition to your taps.

ABV: 5%, IBU:15 ⅙ barrel-$65, ¼ barrel-$90, ½ barrel-$160


Few  pumpkin ales can offer what ours does here at Big Barn Brewing. Our home-grown, freshly-harvested sugar pumpkins are roasted with seeds and all until caramelized then steeped with a hearty grain bill to make this brew truly golden.  The carefully balanced 2-row barley, roasted pumpkins, cinnamon, molasses, ginger, clove, and real vanilla pair to make this a superb fall seasonal microbrew.

ABV: 6.3%, IBU:13 ⅙ barrel-$85, ¼ barrel-$105, ½ barrel-$200


Here’s to making farm-style beer that impresses northwest beer connoisseurs as simultaneously unique and easy to drink. This brand new release from Big Barn is a full-bodied honey beer with subtle raspberry notes.  A malt-forward body harmonizes with the sweetness of farm fresh honey and finishes with lingering fruit notes from fresh-picked raspberries we grew here on the family farm.

ABV: 10.5%, IBU:15 ⅙ barrel-$85, ¼ barrel-$105, ½ barrel-$200


Dirt Road Rye is a nicely balanced Rye IPA with our classic rural roots making it an exceptional addition to your taps.  The Rye gives a mellow spiciness to the traditional IPA hop character expected here in the northwest, and at 56 IBU this refreshing IPA drinks like a pale ale.

ABV: 6.3%, IBU: 56 ⅙ barrel-$75, ¼ barrel-$95, ½ barrel-$175

MISS MAGGIE’S LAVENDER IPA: seasonal release

A surprisingly spectacular fusion of Middachten culinary lavender and Amarillo hops make this uniquely floral IPA something special.  We collaborated with our neighbors at the beautiful Fleur de Provence lavender farm on Green Bluff to source the lavender for this delicious IPA.  A prominent bitterness at 81 IBUs is balanced by the smooth and subtle floral notes of the lavender harmonizing with the equally floral and citrus aroma of a Northwest favorite–Amarillo hops.

ABV: 6.1% IBU: 81 ⅙ barrel-$75, ¼ barrel: $95.00 ½ barrel: $175.00


This beer was originally brewed as Big Barn’s special-release IPA for the 2016 Spokane Craft Beer Week IPA showdown.  Hopped during the boil with Centennial hops and dry-hopped with Mosaic, this is an exceptional IPA. The unique flavor of the artisanally malted 2-row barley from Palouse Pint, Spokane’s only local craft maltster, makes this one of the most local beers around.

ABV: 6%, IBU: 80 ⅙ barrel-$75, 1/4bbl-$95, 1/2bbl-$175


Dunn Day is our classic American IPA which utilizes all of our own farm-fresh hops.  Dunn-Day is single-hopped with Centennial hops, a Northwest favorite.  The beer finishes smooth rather than having the lingering sting common of so many IPA’s.

ABV: 6.1%, IBU: 80 ⅙ barrel-$70, 1/4bbl-$95, 1/2bbl-$170


Our Midnight Harvest is a Black IPA, or Cascadian Dark Ale, born in our very own hop yard.  At the peak of hop season our heavy cones brought down the trellis with their weight, and so our brewers headed to the hop yard for a moonlit harvest.  During that midnight harvest, the idea for this beer was born. Cascade, Willamette, and Chinook hops grown on our own farm harmonize to make this beer an exceptionally floral IPA with the color of a porter, but an easy-to-drink medium body.  

ABV: 6.2%, IBU: 80 ⅙ barrel-$75, 1/4bbl-$95, 1/2bbl-$175


As a farm brewery, we try to incorporate our home-grown fruits, herbs, and vegetables into our microbrews as much as possible.  This special-release IPA is an intentional departure from that trend. This beer is a tribute to the family farmers of the tropics, the “Campesinos”, or country people that work the land in the global south.  Fresh bursts of mango, banana, lemon, pineapple, and orange all harmonize with citrusy and floral Northwest hops in this refreshing session IPA.

ABV: 5.5%, IBU: 62 ⅙ barrel-$75, 1/4bbl-$95, 1/2bbl-$175


Amarillo and Centennial hops harmonize in this imperial IPA to give a brew with a flavor as crisp as the fresh air on Green Bluff.  Our FALLOW IPA is aggressively hopped in the boil giving the bitterness that many seasoned Northwesterners seek in their IPAs.  And to round it all out an equally aggressive dry-hopping warms the palate with a spectacularly fresh floral hop character.  

ABV: 7.7% IBU: 98 ⅙ barrel-$75, ¼ barrel: $95.00 ½ barrel: $175


This is Big Barn’s maiden voyage in the realm of brown ales.  Real maple syrup and dark molasses thrown in at the end of the boil give this beer unique earthy flavors. The deep earthiness of this beer is an ode to the land here on Green Bluff where our family has grown deep roots, farming this good earth for over five decades. Dark beer lovers are sure to enjoy this medium to full-bodied smoothly satisfying ale!

ABV: 8.5% IBU: 31 ⅙ barrel-$80, ¼ barrel-$100, ½ barrel-$185

blackberry porter: seasonal release

This porter does great justice to our brewery’s farming roots.  Our farm-fresh blackberries make their appearance via the addition of our homemade blackberry purée just at the end of the boil.  A hint of blackberry on the nose is followed by a hearty porter body.  As in most of our fruit beers, the blackberry undertones remain subtle yet just strong enough to make this an outstanding fall seasonal.

ABV: 5.7% IBU: 37 ⅙ barrel -$80, ¼ barrel: $100 ½ barrel: $185


Imagine the sweet smell of an open applewood fire, see yourself sitting with close friends around that same campfire in the misty mountains of the northwest.  Enjoy rich roasted malts that suggest chocolate, caramel, molasses, and coffee…now you are experiencing our Mountain Smoke Porter.

ABV: 7.2% IBU: 56 ⅙ barrel-$75, ¼ barrel-$95, ½ barrel-$175


If you’re interested in a substantial beer, this is it. Oatmeal and roasted barley harmonize to produce a dry stout that is more drinkable than most. Styrian Golding hops balance with coffee and caramel notes to produce an experience you won’t want to limit to one pint.

ABV: 6.8% IBU: 38 ⅙ barrel -$70, ¼ barrel: $90.00 ½ barrel: $165


Pets, especially great dogs, are wonderful gifts in our lives.  At our farm we have NANDI, a Black Lab and Chesapeake Bay mix.  This dog just loves life, loves her owners and farm visitors, and has the most laid back nature of any pet we have ever had.  Our BLACK DOG STOUT is meant to deliver that same gift to you.  Tip back a glass and let the deep, rich chocolate, caramel, and hints of fine brewed coffee put a smile on your face.  Thanks Nandi!

ABV: 9.3% IBU: 28 ⅙ barrel-$85, ¼ barrel: $105 ½ barrel: $200


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22oz Bombers available

Mead Honey Lager, Bodacious Blonde Ale, Peone Wheat, Bluff Top Belgian, Rusty Red Ale, Golden Pumpkin Ale, Dirt Road Rye IPA, Dunn Day IPA, Fallow IPA, Mountain Smoke Porter, Strong Oat Stout, and Black Dog Stout.

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